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We aim to provide high quality care with a focus on maintaining wellness.

If you would like to see your doctor for a consultation, please contact one of our helpful receptionists who will make an appointment for you. The nurses and doctors are available for you to contact for clarification of any issue but this is not a substitute for a consultation.  We try not to interrupt consultations with phone calls as it is not always convenient to put your call through immediately. Each doctor handles incoming calls in a different manner and the receptionist will advise you a more appropriate time or take a message. The nurses each have a set phone in time.

This is an assessment tool carried out by the nurse using medical information to calculate your risk of heart disease or stroke.

The Care Plus program is offered to patients who require extra medical assistance for a period of time and who meet the criteria in relation to long term conditions set by the SCDHB. Your doctor will discuss this with you if you are eligible.

Regular smears are recommend for women between 20 and 70 years of age, and have been shown to reduce the risk of cervical cancer.

The National Immunisation Schedule sets out the series of imunisation for children between 6 weeks and 12 years of age. We recommend that vaccinations should be given on time and will recall your children for these.

Is a treatment for a variety of common skin issues such us warts and sun damage. This is available each Tuesday and Thursday after 9.30am.

Diabetes management is very important for all diabetics and our nurses are trained and willing to help you. Some patients are eligible for a free diabetic check up, if they meet the criteria set by the SCDHB.

It is recommended that all diabetics have an annual check up. The nurse will contact you to offer this service. There is a fee for this service.

A free screening service is available to women between 45 and 70 years every two years. Please phone 0800 270 200 to register.

The Ministry of Health fund pregnancy care with General Practitioners for the first trimester only. Generally women will transfer their care to a midwife or obstetrician or both at this point.  Your midwife will then become your first point of contact for any pregnancy related matters.

The doctors will all carry out minor surgery for skin lesions and biopsy.  Generally they will arrange the time after first having a consultation to discuss the situation. Some lesions are not suitable for minor surgery within our rooms and you may be refferred onto a specialist.

There are additional costs associated with minor surgery.

If you are under 25 years of age your consultation for contraception advise or any other sexual health issue may be free as funding is available from the Ministry of Health for up to four consultations per year. Just a reminder that sexual health consultation are available for all age groups.

The clinic staff are happy to carry out a skin check for you. If you have any concerns please book an appointment.

The Ministry of Health set health targets which all health professionals are expected to follow in the best interests of their patients. 

We therefore offer support for patients who wish to quit smoking. This could be in the form of nicotine replacement, medications and or referrals to smoking cessation support groups.

Please talk to your doctor of nurse if you wish to stop smoking so the right support can be offered to you.

For more information you can contact the New Zealand Quitline on Phone 0800 778 778 or use the link below to the website.

New Zealand Quitline

We can help with your pre travel preparations by offering a comprehensice range of vaccines and advice. Please contact us once your travel itinery is known or if you have any questions about potential travel. There are many variations to consider when looking at travel health including up to date information, your past health, previous vaccines, where you will be going including which part of the country you are visiting and what you will be doing while away. Other considerations are prescriptions for Malaria disease or to treat other issues such as traveller's diarrhoea may be required. If you have recently returned from over seas and are feeling unwell then please seek medical attention.

We are licensed by the Ministry of Health to provide Yellow Fever vaccinations.  This requires that we follow certain procedures to carry out this service. If you require overseas vaccinations please have a consultation with your own practice who will then discuss what you require depending on where you are travelling.

If you require a Yellow Fever vaccination your practice will complete and fax a referral to us. The information we require on the form must be supplied before we can book your appointment. Your appointment will be for 30 minutes with Allison, the nurse. During this time Doctor Hepburn will administer the vaccination. 

Please arrive 10 minutes before hand to read the required information sheet. 

The cost of the vaccination and consultation is as follows:

Approximately $150.00

Consultation without yellow fever vaccination approximately $65.00

Correct as at June 2017.

" Every consumer has the right to have one or more support persons of his or her choice present, except where safety may be compromised or another consumers rights unreasonably infringed"  Their presence focuses on the needs of the patient.

(Right 8 of the Code of Health and Disability Consumers Rights)


If you wish to have a chaperone /support person with you for your consultation please advise the receptionists or the doctor / nurse prior to the start of the consultation.



We prefer our patients to visit us at the medical centre as we have all our equipment and records readily available to use. However home visits can be arranged when needed for those whose circumstances prevent them from visiting our centre.

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