Timaru, NZ
Dr Rob Hepburn | Dr Tony Morris | Dr Rob Helliwell

We are licensed by the Ministry of Health to provide Yellow Fever vaccinations.  This requires that we follow certain procedures to carry out this service. If you require overseas vaccinations please have a consultation with your own practice who will then discuss what you require depending on where you are travelling.

If you require a Yellow Fever vaccination your practice will complete and fax a referral to us. The information we require on the form must be supplied before we can book your appointment. Your appointment will be for 30 minutes with Allison, the nurse. During this time Doctor Hepburn will administer the vaccination. 

Please arrive 10 minutes before hand to read the required information sheet. 

The cost of the vaccination and consultation is as follows:

Approximately $150.00

Consultation without yellow fever vaccination approximately $65.00

Correct as at June 2017.

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