Timaru, NZ
Dr Rob Hepburn | Dr Tony Morris

We are always willing to talk over any issues or concerns you have as this helps improve our services to all our patients.

If you have a complaint please write to the Complaints Officer (at Dee Street Medical Centre) with the details. It is best if we have the complaint as soon as practicable after the incident.

We will take the complaint seriously and work towards a mutually satisfactory outcome in a timely manner. Where appropriate we will take all necessary steps to ensure the situation does not happen again.

There is an Advocacy Service available which can offer assistance. It is a free service and the contact number is 0800555 050, the Timaru advocate can be contacted on 03 687 2291.

A poster of patient rights is on the wall in the waiting room. Brochures for the Advocy Service are also abvailable in the waiting room. 

The Health and Disability Commissioner can be contacted on 0800 11 22 33.


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