Timaru, NZ
Dr Rob Hepburn | Dr Tony Morris

An enrolled patient may request a repeat prescription for regular medication if you have visited the doctor in the previous six months and have had the item presrcribed.

It is generally not necessary to talk directly to the doctor or nurse for a repeat regular medication. 

Please have your medications with you when you phone, so that the correct names, dose and instructions are written down in the request, as many medications sound and look similar but are for very different things.

Remember to order your prescription before your run out of medication.

Not all script requests can be handled in this manner and you will be advised to make an appointment where necessary.

When a repeat script is requested it is not just a matter of printing and signing the script. It is an oppportunity for the doctor to review your notes, new hospital or specialist letters, check for any drug interactions, assess if the medication is still appropriate and if you require any blood tests. This is done with your safety in mind.

This all takes time and is required for medicolegal reasons.

Please be aware that there is a 48 hour (two working days) turn around. Extra time is required fior weekends and public holidays.

If you require your script urgently please advise the recptionist.

There is a cost for a repeat script and we ask that it is be paid for when collected.



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