Timaru, NZ
Dr Rob Hepburn | Dr Tony Morris

All health information that the doctors and staff gather about you is confidential.

When you are referred to another health professional for care, then we may share relevant health information with them. This is to ensure they have all the appropriate information to assist with your assessment and treatment.

Under the Privacy Act 1993 we are unable to disclose any information about you to other family members with out your permission. Children are the exception to this.

The Health Information and Privacy Code 1994 allows you the right to access health information about you that we have collected and hold at the medical centre and also you have the right to request correction to that information.

For more information about the Health Information and Privacy Code 1994 you may contact:

The Practice Manager

The Patient Advocacy Service: 0800 11 22 33 or Timaru Advocate  03 6872291 or the Office of the Health and Disability Commmissioner: http://www.hdc.org.nz/

Or the Privacy Commissioner logo-desktop.png

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